Endless World Infinite Possibilities

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Endless World Infinite Possibilities

by Grace Y. Estevez and Aditya Reddy

Endless World Infinite Possibilities is the story of two people that find each other on an online message board and begin a journey together to discover the truth about life. As their relationship strengthens, and the truth of their connection is revealed, they receive lessons that answer life’s toughest questions. This book is written by real life twin flames; offering a balanced perspective on topics such as true self, various forms of happiness, time and space, keys to life, manifestation, karma, reincarnation, extensions, soul groups, perceptions, nature, the exact physical structure of the universe, and much more. This book is an operational manual for life and goes into detail on how everyone and everything is connected. Anyone who is drawn to read this book will have their life changed in significant ways.

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